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Home Telemarketing Opportunity

Call a business-Ask if you can send a fax-Call them back in an hour-We make the sale- Earn $100 and up per sale

Attention: At this time, we are contracting with home telemarketers on a commission basis to sell our traffic-generation and mobile phone website conversion systems, or rather, refer sales to us.  And you earn $100 and up per sale! We have set this up so that ANYONE who works and makes phone calls can find one to several websites every single day, working full or part time. That means that whether you have experience or not in sales or telemarketing, you can be successful just by making a modest number of phone calls. 
No smoke-n-mirrors here and no need to oversell our opportunity. We provide a simple script that uses "take action now" psychology to make the sale for you.

It is so EASY!  Here is all you do:

Call a company and say:

Hi, Iím calling from Netwide Webs and Iím only looking to take 10 seconds of your time right now (donít stop) If it is ok, Iíd like to fax over one page that shows how we can get your company on the first page of Google and that is the single most important thing you can do to increase the business you get from online.

If youíll give me your fax number, Iíll send this page over then call you back in an hour or two to set a time to discuss it more if you like?

The page you fax to them will tell them to visit our website, and that we'll call them back with an offer to first of all give them a free analysis of their industry, how many terms are available, what people type in to search for companies like theirs, how many people are searching monthly and so on. This is all free and we really don't pressure them. Our services and prices make more sales than badgering does anyway.
We also let them know that we will create a mobile version of their website FREE as part of our offer if they let us improve their search engine rankings and therefore increase their website traffic. The mobile conversion alone is worth up to $500 or more and up to $30 per month, but we provide this as a bonus with our marketing package. We will do the analysis and we will call them back with several levels of participation, meaning they will be offered a program as low as $200 for set up and $25 per month (and you are paid $100 for this), a program for $500 set up, (for which you will be paid $150)  a program for maybe $800 (for which you'd be paid $250) and possibly up to thousands, for which you'd be paid a very large commission.
We will inform you of what the customer will be offered and what your commission would be on each offer if they choose it (and it all depends on their industry and how many variations of terms are relevant to them, ie, some may have 6 relevant terms and some may need to cover 50 terms) The way we offer the terms and programs, you are almost assured of getting at least a low-dollar program because $200 doesn't sound like much to invest to try it out compared to $2,400, for example. So, if we offered one company the chance to choose option 1 for $3,000, option 2 for $2000, option 3 for $1200, option 4 for $800, option 5 for $500 or option 6 for $200, you are FAR more likely to sell an option 5 or 6 than if you ONLY offered those options. Does that make sense? But please keep in mind, what we offer will be based ONLY on actual searches by internet users. If only 6 ways are used to search for Company A, we will only offer to optimize for those 6 terms or less. In case you are curious, we have companies that have 35 relevant search terms that are effectively producing traffic by droves each and every month.

This is the single-most important thing a company can do to improve their online presence and profits, PERIOD. Without traffic WHEN and WHILE people are looking for what their company does in the area they serve, that customer will go to the companies who have websites on the first page. PERIOD. It is just the way it is.
We put THEIR company on the first page. We do it inexpensively and it works. We also will make their website mobile friendly at no additional cost.

  • Must have high speed internet
  • Must have unlimited long distance
  • Huge advantage if you have the ability to send faxes to your prospects or the ability to fax through the internet. Without one of these available, you can't really work this program, but you can ask about other options we might have for you.
  • Must follow directions as to where and who to call
  • We are willing to work with someone with no sales or telemarketing experience, but who is a very fast-learner and ambitious

We pay $100 and up per sale! We'll discuss with you how this works during your phone interview.
Start today, get paid as soon as your first sale has paid us, which can be as soon as the next day if they pay via paypal

NOTE: We don't charge you anything. We are looking for reliable workers, not trying to sell you a program.

If you are looking for a home telemarketing opportunity that you can start immediately to tide you over through these tough economic times, or if you are looking for a long-term career, this is worth checking out.
THE need for traffic to each company's website,  for any and every company, is more important than ever.
In good times and bad, they still MUST be relevant in their markets and offer all that they possibly can to keep up with the needs of their potential customers. You can bet that the front-runners in ANY industry have a website that is available on the first page of searches; at our prices, they'll have trouble saying NO.

Send us your resume or just a simple listing of your work history, along with your contact information and we'll get back with you promptly and discuss all the details. Our email address is .

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